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The complainant said his father’s neighbors informed him that they heard him screaming

Fujairah court acquitted an Asian woman accused of violently assaulting her 86-year-old husband.

The victim’s son had filed a complaint, claiming that his father had been assaulted and abused by his wife at their residence.

Although the victim was transferred to hospital and received medical treatment, reports issued by the hospital concluded that the victim showed no signs of assault or abuse.

In his complaint, the complainant said his father’s neighbors informed him that they heard him screaming as if he was being assaulted. The son also said the last time he was able to see his father was about a year ago.

During the investigation, the accused denied the charges and stated that she did not beat her husband and that she did not prevent her children from seeing their father. On the contrary, she said, it was her husband who did not want to see her children.

She said the victim often fell out of bed while sleeping and often had a habit of screaming as he continued to imagine people in front of him due to his age.

The accused was released on bail pending a decision.


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Lawyer Amna Al Darmaki submitted a defense brief seeking the acquittal of her client, for lack of evidence in the charges against her.

The court ruled in favor of the defendant, as the accusation against her could not be established.

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