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Plan will transform Hatta into an attractive local and international destination for business, investment and tourism.

In five years, your Hatta vacation in Dubai will not be the same. The mountainous region is fast becoming a major tourist destination – with an inland beach, a lake, the UAE’s longest mountain biking trail, and a cable railway.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, on Saturday approved Hatta’s five-year development master plan, revealing details of what residents and tourists will see soon in the destination.

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“We are announcing the launch of the Hatta Development Master Plan with an ambitious portfolio of development projects that will meet the needs of Hatta and its people,” said Sheikh Mohammed, who also visited the region on Saturday with senior officials.

“(The projects) will be implemented as part of a five-year development plan at the initial stage,” he added.

The overall goal is to transform Hatta into an attractive local and international destination for business and investment. The plan is based on four pillars: well-being, tourism, sports and activities and sustainability.

“We have approved the formation of a supreme committee to oversee the development of Hatta, as well as the implementation and governance of projects and initiatives; the launch of economic and tourist development programs and support for projects initiated by young people, ”said Sheikh Mohammed.

“It will also launch the Hatta Beach project and create new investment opportunities for the private sector. “

In recent years, Hatta has grown into a popular adventure destination. Residents and tourists would take a road trip to the area and go kayaking or mountain biking. It is also one of the favorite havens for those looking for a short break from the city.

The new investment proposals, however, are expected to turn Hatta into a bigger tourist getaway.

Its mountain cable car (funicular) system alone can accommodate a million passengers each year, according to the master plan.

Hatta’s development is an integral part of the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan, which was launched earlier this year with the aim of expanding the emirate’s green and recreational areas. The vision also aims to improve the well-being of residents, making Dubai the best city in the world in which to live.

“Our ultimate goal is to make Hatta a distinctive tourist destination, especially in the areas of recreational, health and environmental tourism,” said Sheikh Mohammed.

While enhancing its tourism potential, Dubai’s 2040 plan also focuses on preserving Hatta’s natural environment.

The development of the region is progressing rapidly within the framework of a plan to strengthen economic and social growth; strengthen environmental sustainability; and raise the standard of living of the people in the region, said Sheikh Mohammed.

During his visit to Hatta on Saturday, the ruler of Dubai reviewed a multitude of initiatives and met a group of young business leaders who live in the region.

He was also informed of local projects initiated by young people in the hotel sector. Currently, a number of roadside hotels run by local residents cater to the needs of tourists looking to enjoy the mountain.

Sheikh Mohammed then launched the Local Farming Experience Program, which aims to improve Hatta’s farming system and help farmers earn a living by selling their produce to visitors.

What’s going on in Hatta?

>> A mountain cable car (funicular)

It is the first of its kind in the region. This will facilitate the movement of visitors to the dam site.

>> The longest mountain bike trail in the United Arab Emirates, suitable for international competitions and events

>> Hatta beach

This aims to transform the region into a tourist destination all year round. The project will create investment spaces and facilities, services and activities for tourists in riparian areas.

> Sustainable hotels

> A spa on the mountainside

> A unique and modern staircase to the dam

Key objectives of the master plan

> Preserve the heritage and the natural environment of the territory

> Encourage tourism and mountain sports

> Turn Hatta into a year-round tourist destination

> Improve public facilities and services for residents and visitors

> Develop a sustainable transport system that includes a direct bus service from Dubai to Hatta and allows passengers to carry bicycles and scooters on board

> Deploy tourist coaches to provide access to heritage sites, such as Wadi Hub, Hatta Dam, Heritage Village and Al Tal Park

> Provide on-demand bus service to explore Hatta using smart app

> Launch a smart car rental service where vehicles are available for rental on an hourly basis

> Build tracks for bikes and scooters on a 120 km network connecting main attractions and residential areas

> Support young entrepreneurs who own small and medium-sized businesses

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