United Arab Emirates ranks first regionally and 15th globally in responding to COVID-19 pandemic


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The UAE’s measures to control the COVID-19 pandemic have been called exceptional and are considered one of the most successful examples internationally.
The country ranks first regionally and 15th globally for pandemic management and control.

The official spokesperson for the National Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, Dr Saif Al Dhaheri, during a press briefing on the latest developments regarding the coronavirus in the country.

Dhaheri said, “We are witnessing the resilience and readiness of the UAE through a proactive approach to tackle challenges and support decisions based on a holistic understanding of the situation, and through plans and strategies to contain the pandemic. “

The UAE has handled the COVID-19 pandemic in an exceptional manner and is considered one of the most successful examples internationally, in addition to its regional and international humanitarian initiatives.

According to the Bloomberg COVID-19 resilience ranking, the United Arab Emirates led regionally and 15th internationally, 3 rankings higher than last July.

“Our World Data” showed that the United Arab Emirates ranks 1st in the world for the percentage of individuals vaccinated with 2 doses. It was also the first in the world for the dose distribution rate per 100 people, for countries with more than one million inhabitants.

The role of the national media is evident, transparent and honest in their reporting on the pandemic, reflecting the strategic messages of the national, regional and international community, which in turn underscored the effectiveness and competence of the Emirati example.

The authorities have put in place digital solutions to link indicators and statistics of success, as well as to set the financial and economic goals necessary to support the recovery phase in the United Arab Emirates.

The committee defined an overall strategy that included performance indicators for the post-Covid-19 phase for all targeted sectors.

It is a question of measuring the performance of the various local entities to achieve a return to the new normal life.

The extent of the strategic balance between the different sectors is evident, which made it possible to achieve the objectives of the proactive plans.

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