United Arab Emirates: Ministry of Health celebrates World Patient Safety Day 2021 – News


Under the theme “Safe Maternal and Newborn Care”, the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) celebrates World Patient Safety Day, celebrated annually on September 17.

On this occasion, the Dubai Frame will be illuminated in orange at 6 p.m. today.

This year’s theme aims to promote global awareness on issues related to maternal and newborn safety, especially during childbirth.

It also aims to take sustainable measures to ensure safe and respectful childbirth, activate the safe use of drugs and medical devices during childbirth, and build the capacity and support of health workers.

MoHAP’s multidisciplinary plans and initiatives pay particular attention to raising awareness of the safety of mothers and newborns during childbirth through the provision of distinguished and safe care, said Dr Hussain Abdul Rahman Al Rand, Deputy deputy secretary for the public health sector.

The ministry is also working hand in hand with all partners to adopt comprehensive health and community programs to improve health care, he added.

E-clinics for mother and child

Esmat Al Qassem, head of the Maternity and Childhood Department, said the ministry has set up electronic clinics to develop health services for the Maternity and Childhood Department, in accordance with the measures of precaution taken to contain Covid-19.

“There are also specific maternal health care programs before pregnancy and follow-up during the fourth month of pregnancy, during and after childbirth,” Al Qassem said.

There are also educational programs for mothers related to public health, nutrition, child health care, disease prevention and immunizations.

She said specialized health services include remote visits to the mother and infant during the first week, with the option of going to the hospital or health center depending on the medical district if needed.

There are also vaccination visits for all ages, except for the age of two months and in case of new vaccinations, where the child’s condition is assessed via the electronic clinic. The vaccination is then provided on the second day by the drive-thru vaccination service.

The World Health Organization (WHO) launched World Patient Safety Day in 2019 with the aim of raising awareness around patient safety and calling for solidarity from all countries and international partners to reduce harm to patients.


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