United Arab Emirates: launch of a smart bracelet to help drug addicts reintegrate into society – News


The device will allow users to call rehabilitation centers at any time for help.

Authorities in Sharjah recently launched a Dh90,000 program that uses smart bracelets to monitor recovering drug addicts.

Lt. Sara Al Zarouni, director of the Sharjah Police Special Rehabilitation Center, said the initiative was launched as part of an innovative drug addiction program in the emirate.

The main objective of the project is to reintegrate drug addicts into society by helping them to stay at home and to receive family support to overcome their habit. The project also aims to achieve the strategic goals of the Home Office to further improve innovation and quality of life in the UAE.

Lt. Al Zarouni stressed that the smart bracelet would solve the challenges that rehabilitation centers face between the release of an addict from his facility and the end of his treatment.

She listed several features of the GPS-enabled smart bracelet, including taking a picture of an addict at the request of the rehabilitation center, instant data synchronization, and real-time notifications.

An addict using the smart bracelet can also call rehabilitation centers for help at any time, she added.

Sharjah police have assigned special teams, made up of doctors, nurses, social workers and psychiatrists, to help recovering drug addicts.

The force has secured the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of the smart bracelet and is in the process of obtaining a patent for the first such initiative.

The first phase of the project will apply to 50 healthy people. The smart bracelet is being tested and will not be used during this phase.

Drug Imprint is also a crucial part of the initiative, helping to track the source of contraband drugs and maintain data. This decision will also be useful in the fight against the drug trade on a global scale.

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