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Whether it’s dining at your favorite restaurants, shopping for beauty brands, and buying essentials, consumers are spoiled for choice.

The raging Covid-19 pandemic has wiped out several small businesses and caused unimaginable economic blues across the world. But the United Arab Emirates, which has emerged as a global hub for technology and innovation and promises to get its money’s worth in Silicon Valley in the United States, has weathered the trend with unprecedented success.

Several start-ups were born out of adversity.

Take the case of ZNAP, the first mobile cashback application of its kind (app), which launched last December.

ZNAP offers a host of features that provide users with both money-saving and money-saving benefits. This new app is designed to work on any smartphone. Customers can enjoy the benefits with the most It’s a rewarding experience, ”says Uday Rathod, the mastermind behind the concept.

Rathod, a graduate of Deakin University, Melbourne, is a suave business owner with a keen interest in reading.

Prior to founding ZNAP, he ran his family businesses that include operations in manufacturing, trading in natural resources, information technology services, and investing in start-ups.

What’s in store?

The ZNAP merchant portfolio currently has over 200 outlets in the food and beverage, health and fitness, entertainment and more. ZNAP has exclusive, hard-to-resist deals on everything from your favorite restaurants, grooming locations, pet care, athletic facilities, fashion brands, beauty brands and essentials.

ZNAP offers a unique chance for customers to close compelling deals and brands to learn and interact directly with consumers who have purchased their products or used their services.

The app offers users the benefit of getting cash back on their actual spending from any of their registered merchants up to 50%. Money is kept safe on the app and can be used on the next visit.

Since its launch, the app has welcomed users from all walks of life looking for deals, discounts and places to spend their dirhams. The number of registered users is increasing with each passing day and the product has been very well received by both sides – brands and consumers – who unanimously love it because it is the easiest channel to record, interact and communicate in mind – one-on-one between brands and consumers as opposed to the traditional process of coupons, offers and offers that was in vogue.

How does ZNAP work?

Signing up for the app is as easy as 1,2,3. All you need is a smartphone; a valid UAE number and you can jump on it and start enjoying all offers in UAE.

The list of merchants has been curated with the preferences and choices of the UAE consumer demographic in mind, and features brands loved and frequented by the masses as well as the elite. Some of the merchants include Bombay Chowpatty, Kulfilicious, Little Italy, VLCC & Drift Zone, to name a few.

What makes ZNAP unique is its one-of-a-kind cashback model which offers many benefits to merchants and users. Unlike the discounts offered by various other players, ZNAP’s cashback model is more sustainable, keeping the interests of consumers and merchants in mind.

Not only consumers but merchants also benefit from this cash back model. The cashback earned is used in the same merchant hub, which leads to a loyal and lasting relationship between the customer and the merchant.

“The onset of Covid-19 has changed a lot of things for businesses and the way they operate. People started spending less on luxury and more on necessities. Small businesses have been hit the hardest. ZNAP was created with the aim of helping and supporting small businesses (the backbone of any economy) to survive. The launch of our cashback model, which acts as a loyalty platform for small businesses, helps them retain existing customers, as well as attract new customers to their establishment. The will to survive is more than just inspiration and has allowed us to step out of our comfort zone, pivot and see things differently, ”added Rathod.

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