UAE passport is third powerful in the world: Arton Capital-Passport Index


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Ahmed Al Basheer, Journalist

The United Arab Emirates passport has climbed to third place in the world in the passport index issued by Arton Capital-Canada, in its latest updates of the country classification.

The UAE passport has also retained its place as the most powerful passport in the Arab world.

It allows its holder to enter 134 countries around the world, including 86 countries without a prior visa, and 48 countries with a visa to be obtained online or on arrival.

The top ranks of the UAE passport are attributed to the positive diplomacy adopted by the UAE, Arton said.

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Despite the challenges of travel amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the UAE has successfully opened its doors to tourism and business activities and resumed operations at international airports.

And on June 24, Dubai Airports reopened Terminal 1 and Hall D at Dubai International Airport.

In addition, it was reported that Emirates Airlines plans to reactivate 90% of its destination network by the end of July.

The passport index also included seven other countries in third place with the United Arab Emirates, including Finland, Austria, Italy, Ireland, Japan, South Korea and the United States, which all scored 134.

The New Zealand passport ranked first with a score of 136.

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New Zealand passport holders can enter 92 countries without a prior visa and 44 other countries on a visa on arrival or online.

Four countries placed second on the list, including Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Australia, with a score of 135.

The British passport ranked fifth on the list, while China, India and Pakistan ranked 54, 64 and 79 respectively.

The weakest passports in the world are Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Somalia, ranked 83, 82, 81 and 80 respectively.


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