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The successful management of Covid-19 and achievements in science and education have improved the perception of the country.

UAE was named the 11th strongest national brand in the world, overtaking major countries like US, UK, Japan, France and others as successful management of Covid-19 and achievements in science and education – particularly the successful Emirates Mars mission – improved the country’s perception around the world, according to Brand Finance’s Nation Brands 2021 report.

The UAE has climbed three places since last year after increasing its Brand Strength Index (BSI) score by 2.5 points to 79.1 out of 100.

“The UAE is well above its weight in terms of national brand strength and is challenging the Western status quo in the rankings. As the UAE celebrates its Golden Jubilee, it continues to carry the flag high, promoting the nation’s achievements across the globe through groundbreaking initiatives like the Emirates Mars mission and serving as a gateway to the region. welcoming the world for 182 days at Expo 2020, ”said Andrew Campbell, Managing Director of Brand Finance Middle East.

With new coronavirus cases dropping below 100 on Sunday, the United Arab Emirates has been one of the very few countries in the world to have won the battle against the pandemic. The UAE also remains the strongest brand in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Covering the opinions of over 75,000 people in over 100 countries, the study assesses 100 countries based on the relative strength of national brands through a balanced scorecard of metrics assessing brand investment, brand equity and brand performance.

“The overseas perception of the UAE’s prowess in the education and science pillar is high, and the success of the Emirates Mars mission is clearly a factor. The UAE also stands out for its response to Covid-19 and scores high on the Influence and Business and Commerce pillars, both of which are expected to gain further momentum thanks to Expo 2020 inaugurated in Dubai this month- ci, ”said Brand Finance.

Globally, Switzerland was ranked as the strongest brand in the world, followed by Canada, the Netherlands, Singapore, Germany, Australia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and New Zealand.

The UK, US, Japan and France came out of the ranking of the 10 strongest national brands due to perceptions of how they handled Covid-19. The United Kingdom went from 2 to 14, France from 9 to 16, Japan from 7 to 15 and the United States from 4 to 17.

UAE brand value surges

It is important to note that the UAE also improved its position in the national brand value ranking, claiming the 17th position, advancing one position, after an impressive 11% increase in brand value. national level to $ 749 billion compared to $ 672 billion last year.

“The continued increase in the strength and value of the UAE brand is testament to the country’s strategy to diversify its economy for long-term growth and consolidate its position as the number one national brand in the Middle East,” did he declare.

Globally, the top 100 national brands in the world have seen a 7% increase in brand value since 2020, signaling that the recovery is underway after the Covid-19 pandemic. The total brand value of the top 100 countries was $ 90.8 trillion, down 7% from 2019.

The United States and China occupy first and second place respectively. The United States saw a five percent increase in brand value to $ 24.8 trillion in one year. Likewise, China saw a 6% increase in the value of the national brand to $ 19.9 trillion.

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