UAE diplomat calls for more aid for flood victims

The consul general of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in Karachi, Bakhit Atiq al-Rumiti. File photo

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Consul General in Karachi, Bakhit Atiq al-Rumiti, said the flash floods had taken their toll on people in Sindh and Balochistan.

The Consul General of the United Arab Emirates met with the business community on Friday. Addressing business leaders in the city, he said the UAE government has always stood by Pakistan in these difficult times and continues to help flood victims.

“The UAE and Pakistan have a long-standing relationship. The late Sheikh Zayed established that relationship, which still exists today,” he said.

Consul General Al-Rumiti also shed light on his association with Pakistan saying, “I have been working in Pakistan for 20 years now.” He said he worked in areas devastated by the earthquake in 2005. The UAE government carried out a flood relief operation in 2010 in Pakistan, he pointed out.

The UAE Consul General stressed the need to increase relief efforts for flood victims, saying the UAE government is working to help flood victims. He said, however, that those affected by the floods needed more help as they had nothing to eat.

According to the consul general, the victims of the floods receive insufficient and very rare aid, even if the devastation they have suffered is quite severe. He stressed that the business community should help flood victims because the government cannot handle disasters alone.

The UAE government has set up medical camps in different flood-hit areas, he told business circles in the metropolis. He also urged them to come to the aid of flood victims.

Businessmen who wish to invest in the UAE should do so as they will be supported, he added.


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