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Body temperature rises during pregnancy, so it’s important to take precautions: Doctors

Published: Sat 13 August 2022, 12:57

As temperatures across the UAE continue to soar, community members are feeling the heat, and pregnant women even more, said a medical expert from the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA).

As part of SEHA’s summer awareness campaign, doctors spread the word about how individuals can protect themselves from extreme heat. Dr Saleema Wani, Senior Consultant Obstetrician, Deputy Chief Medical Officer and Director of Studies at Corniche Hospital Abu Dhabi, pointed out that there are a few additional things pregnant women should keep in mind to stay safe in the summer.

“During pregnancy, the human body undergoes several physiological changes to ensure the holistic development of the fetus. As your body transforms to provide sanctuary for your baby, it is imperative to recognize that your body will need more than the guidance of ‘summer to stay healthy and hydrated,’ Dr Wani told the Khaleej Times.

“One of the main reasons is that during pregnancy a woman’s body temperature is already higher than usual, and the extra external heat can make her even more uncomfortable.”

As the temperature in the country remains above 45 degrees Celsius on Saturday, Dr Wani shared her top summer tips on how expectant mothers can take care of themselves and their growing babies.

1. Avoid prolonged sun exposure

While this is true for everyone, it is especially important during pregnancy as it harms not only you but your unborn child as well.

Studies have shown that increased UV exposure during pregnancy is associated with increased risks of multiple sclerosis and schizophrenia in adult children.

Additionally, the resulting dehydration, dizziness, and fainting can lead to complications. It is advisable to avoid going out in the middle of the day and at the beginning of the afternoon and to seek shade when walking outside.

2. Hydration is essential

Water is needed to create fluid around your baby and to increase your blood volume. During pregnancy, it is recommended to drink 8 to 12 glasses of water a day. In case of excessive sweating due to the summer heat, you should increase your water intake by 2 cups each day to compensate for the water loss.

3. Don’t over-hydrate

Respect the optimal water consumption described above. Overhydration can further dilute your electrolytes and cause muscle fatigue, cramps and, in severe cases, even loss of consciousness.

4. Exercise, but with care

Contrary to popular belief, physical activity is absolutely crucial for pregnant women and their unborn children. However, avoid strenuous physical activity between mid-morning and late afternoon.

It is best to engage in an outdoor activity early in the morning or at sunset. If it is consistently hot outside, move indoors where there is air conditioning.

Swimming is a low-resistance, high-impact workout that allows you to cool off from the summer heat, making it an ideal form of exercise for pregnant women in the summer.


“Pregnancy is a great time in your life, and with all the physical changes, it’s normal to have questions about the do’s and don’ts of the summer months. Seeking a consultation with your obstetrician is a great way to understand the right course of action to maintain your baby’s health with evidence-based practices throughout the hot summer months,” added Dr. Wani.


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