The platform offers unique features for privacy and data security


Magid Arif speaks during a round table.

Sajjad Ahmad, Assistant Business Editor

In this challenging time of cybercrime, the importance of data privacy and security becomes the organization’s primary focus for flawless services and operations. Global tech companies are developing more secure platforms for a safe tech ecosystem.

Variiance, an Egypt-based company, recently launched the first Arab platform specializing in unified communications technology as a service “UCaaS”. The new platform named V.Connct has been enhanced with unique service and features.

Variiance announced the provision of distinguished services in security features and data protection technologies that make all meetings, communications and data within the platform fully encrypted and so hard to hack.

On the other hand, Dr. Mamdouh Arif, Chairman of the Board of Variiance International, expressed his thanks and appreciation for the efforts of the Government of the United Arab Emirates and its wise leadership represented by His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates. , providing a positive business climate for businesses in all sectors.

He also hailed the future vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai.

Dr. Mamdouh said the technology facilities and services provided by the UAE will help accelerate the growth of the business and technology sector.

He added that Variiance is striving to become a global entity that promotes its products and services worldwide, as it aims to have its official launch from the UAE, especially Dubai, due to its premier position. plan in the Arab world by supporting Arab Innovation Enterprises. Variiance would be one of the most important of these companies that creates distinctive and unique technology products in the region with international quality.

The company’s CEO, Magid Arif, said that the R&D team and the technical software development team have developed the V.Connect platform, which is an Arabic unified communication as As a service for remote communication via video conferencing, classrooms, and collaboration, it represents a new generation of easy to use and has a significant development in security and data protection features, hence three levels of protection : At the first level of security, room validation is checked, as the system generates a 64-bit token when a user clicks on their meeting link, which is impossible to guess from a hacking system.

At the second level, the user is verified, so the system creates a unique identifier consisting of numbers and letters according to the user’s parameters so that the login link is always variable and different from user to user. other within the same meeting, and the estimated period of time to guess it is up to 900,000 years, at an average of 7 billion attempts per second.

The third level is to verify the meeting session by creating a 2nd level token as a final encryption step that depends on browser data, access time and device type, so the meeting link will not work if copied and pasted from a browser. to another.

After verifying the validity and eligibility of the meeting room and user, V.Connect creates a meeting URL that contains a unique session ID and login token. Static subdomains for room and meeting links used in other popular products.

In the event that a user has posted the fixed room link by mistake or otherwise escaped from it, they can recreate another room link with a simple click and without calling technical support. .

V.Connct app provides different permissions for participants such as admin, presenter and attendees, and each of them has specific permissions, own link and separate way to enter the meeting, so if the link of the most popular participant is disclosed, no hacker or hacker can alter the meeting and publish unwanted content, It is only valid for participation in order to prevent the phenomenon known as “Zoombombing” which causes the panic in many meetings on other platforms.

The platform uses the HTTPS protocol to encrypt all communications between the user’s browser and the V.Connct platform.

In terms of business growth, Mohamed Amer, Regional Director of Variiance International, spoke about the company’s ambitious plan to enter into a set of partnerships and cooperation protocols with numerous government agencies and institutions and private sector companies. , as well as targeting schools, universities, educational institutions and all international companies.

Amer also expressed his ambition for Variiance International to help achieve the strategic vision of the United Arab Emirates, and according to financial and technical studies, Variiance’s market share is expected to reach over $1 billion in 2028 in the global unified services market. communications technology, where the global market is estimated at around 210 billion dollars in 2028, and whose objective is to attract more than 10 million active users in V.Connct within 5 years.


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