The best loan without proof of income


Documenting financial income is an unpleasant complication when applying for a loan. Usually it entails proof of pay slips, sometimes even statements of account for a certain period, or a copy of the tax return for the last year.

It is also common for the provider to call the employer to verify some of the information entered. In short, proving financial income lengthens the process and at the same time makes it slightly less discreet – it is understandable that we want as few people as possible to know about our loan…

Loans without proof of income

Loans without proof of income

As a general rule, it is possible to obtain a quick loan without having to prove your financial income and undergo lengthy paperwork associated with it, but usually only for small amounts. In other words, no one will lend you a million without proof of income.

Respectively lend, but the guarantee of the corresponding property will be necessary in such a case and of course we do not recommend it. However, getting a small loan (perhaps before payout) without proof of income is not a problem and there is more than enough offers on the market. We will try to recommend the most interesting ones with this article today.

Fill in your income information truthfully!

Fill in your income information truthfully!

Even lenders for whom it is not necessary to prove income from time to time have an appropriate field in the application form in which they want to provide information on income for completeness. Then simple advice applies, if this field is mandatory (usually is), then fill it in truthfully . Only include your personal income, so don’t add partner income.

What are the advantages of loans without proof of income?

  • Speed ​​of execution and instant transfer of money to bank account (nothing is expected)
  • Absence of complex paperwork, you do not need to prove pay slips or statements of account
  • Discrete processing, the provider does not call the employer to verify the information

And disadvantages?

  • Providers usually compensate higher risk with higher interest (but not always)

What is your experience with non-bank loans without proof of income? Take advantage of our discussion below this article. We look forward to your feedback and feedback.