THA Staffing launches vertical hospitality


THA Staffing, one of the region’s leading staffing solutions providers, has announced the launch of its fourth vertical, THA Hospitality.

As the region experiences a growing demand for short and long-term employment, THA Staffing is expanding its offerings with the introduction of a dedicated hospitality vertical to cater to the influx of tourists to the region, bringing together strongest talents with best-suited customers, the company said.

Responding to the seasonality of the service industry in the region, THA Hospitality enables hotel groups and restaurants to supplement their internal talent pool with qualified and knowledgeable staff during busy times of the year. THA Staffing’s economic model allows these establishments to control their operating and recruitment costs, aligned with occupancy rates, while maintaining the same level of service, he explains.

THA Staffing provides prospective freelancers with work visas, work cards and the necessary insurance plans, ensuring that all staff deployments comply with UAE labor laws, protecting both the employer and the employee. Since its recent launch, the bespoke staffing provider’s hospitality business has deployed over 100 full-time staff to a host of locations across the UAE, with an additional 350 staff for leisure and corporate events.

Yoann Coulon, Managing Director of THA Staffing, said: “THA Staffing aims to relieve clients of the recruitment process and provide them with talented staff on demand, while allowing them to evolve as needed. Our freelance-centric business model ensures clients are equipped with quality talent who undergo extensive training and debriefing before each job. At THA Staffing, we want to provide freelancers with various employment opportunities while providing clients with reduced costs.

A disruptor by nature, THA Staffing was first launched to provide companies with flexible and personalized staffing solutions for events and corporate staff as well as event experts.

In 2021 alone, THA Staffing connected over 2,600 freelancers with top companies at various events and luxury retail outlets. THA Staffing’s Event Experts vertical contributed to more than 420 events in 2021 as the region’s top choice for hosting events, summits and expos, he said. – TradeArabia Press Service


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