Sports brand adidas goes all liquid with Burkini billboard in Dubai


Liquid display panel by adidas
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Dubai: German sportswear brand adidas unveiled the world’s first liquid billboard in Dubai, to show off its recent launch of a Burkini collection.

The liquid display panel is five meters high and features a three meter deep pool made of reinforced clear acrylic. Its walls can hold up to 11,500 gallons of water, the equivalent of nearly 163 bathtubs. The construction of the structure required a team of 32 people, working 24 hours a day for three weeks for delivery.

“The recent launch of our diverse product offering for all women and our Burkini collection,” said Amrith Gopinath, Senior Brand Director for adidas GCC.

The move aims to mark adidas’ desire to offer a wider choice of technical clothing for athletes around the world, simultaneously inspiring confidence in women by offering a wide range of swimwear. A YouGov survey commissioned by adidas in 2021 found that only 12% of women in the UAE are quite comfortable wearing a swimsuit at a public beach or swimming pool. Body shame and lack of privacy are the two main reasons women don’t feel comfortable in their swimsuits.

Women of Dubai were invited to participate by diving into ‘Beyond the Surface’, reinforcing the brand’s global attempt to ensure the sport is welcoming to all. Triathlete Dareen Barbar, also holder of the Guinness World Records title, as well as Raha Moharrak, the first Saudi woman to climb Mount Everest, took part in the dive.

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