RTA modernizes 36,000 uniforms thanks to the Kiswat Khair initiative


The reconditioned uniforms will be distributed to the needy through the Dar El Ber Society.
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Dubai: As part of the 4th edition of the Kiswat Khair Humanitarian Initiative, the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) collected and modernized 36,000 used clothes. The initiative is being carried out in coordination with RTA’s strategic partners, namely Dubai Police, Dubai Health Authority, Dubai Municipality, Dubai Civil Defense, DP World, Serco, ENOC and Al Magrudy’s.

The initiative attracted wide participation from the Centers of Determined People, namely the Rashid Center for Determined People, Al Noor Rehabilitation and Welfare Association for Determined People, Dubai Autism Center, Dubai Center for Special Needs, Awladouna Center for Determined People, Dubai Club for Individuals. of Determination, and Zayed Higher Organization for Determined People.

“The 4th edition of the Kiswat Khair initiative reconditioned 36,000 used uniforms with the participation of 245 volunteers who volunteered 555 hours in recycling used clothes, which will be distributed to the needy through Dar El Ber Society.

“This year’s edition of the Kiswat Khair initiative is different in terms of participating in the collection and recycling of used clothing by engaging participants from different centers for people with special needs across the UAE. RTA has worked with these centers to attract and encourage the promotion of initiative and volunteering in charitable activities. The next steps will focus on processing the uniforms and transforming them into usable uniforms which will be sorted, cleaned, fitted, repaired and pressed before being properly packaged, ”explained Al Mehrizi.

Value of charitable work

Mariam Othman, director of the Rashid Center for People of Determination, said: “This initiative reflects the spirit of kindness in Emirati society, and the Kiswat Al Khair initiative is an episode of charitable activities employed to support the brothers in the poor and developing countries. Our participation in this initiative aims to increase the value of charitable work among our students of determined people. We believe that they are an integral part of the local fabric and therefore perceive their participation with the center in this initiative as a reflection of the UAE’s attention in this regard.

Majid Al-Usaimi, President of the Asian Paralympic Committee, Managing Director of the Dubai Club for People of Determination, said: “Organizing humanitarian community initiatives is a key part of RTA’s attention and efforts to promote partnership. community and consolidate community values. The participation of determined people in this initiative achieves many objectives. It invests in initiatives and capacities of this category by repackaging the clothes of many government agencies and distributing them to poor countries. It is particularly relevant because it uses the creative skills and talents of the determined people involved in the initiative. We all strive to strengthen these community partnerships and interact with community sectors to preserve the gains made through such important initiatives, which complement humanitarian and charitable work and provide assistance to poor countries.

Dr Mahshid Salehi, Director of the Dubai Center for Special Needs, expressed his gratitude for welcoming RTA visitors to the center. “We appreciate the community’s support for the Dubai Center for Special Need as a non-profit organization. We believe that together we can chart a course for a better future for the children of the Dubai Center for Special Needs, ”said Salehi.

Khalid Al Halyan, President of Al Noor Rehabilitation and Welfare Association for Determined People, said: as (bags, masks, jewelry, rugs … etc). We have noticed the ability of our students to demonstrate a capacity for mass production and to work in a team by participating in different stages according to their respective capacities.

Sewing workshop

Mohamed Saif Husain Alareifi, Director of Agricultural and Vocational Rehabilitation Department of Zayed Higher Organization for Determined Persons, said: “Cooperation between the organization and all entities is the key driver to achieve the goals and serve the people. determined. The determined people who attended the Zayed Higher Organization’s Sewing Workshop helped make 1,000 recycled garments. The clothing included pillow cases, pants, shorts, small bags, and large bags made from pieces of small bags.

Abdullah Balouma, Director of Corporate Services and Administrative Affairs at the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), said: “Social and development aspects are an integral part of DHA’s roles, and therefore we are keen to participate in the efforts in which we believe. their value to society.

“Kiswat Khair is an excellent initiative that reflects the values ​​of giving, charity and responsibility that characterize Emirati society and DHA is keen to be a part of these charitable and humanitarian efforts. Kiswat Khair brings together several government departments which is a goal in itself as it reflects the fruitful cooperation and partnerships between units of the government of Dubai to serve the community and make people’s lives easier.

Social responsibility

Laila Abbas, Director of Marketing and Corporate Relations, Dubai Municipality, said: “We are very happy to engage in real efforts with various parties, whether they are individuals, institutions or government institutions, because such activities constitute the real building blocks necessary to give meaning to efforts with the support of all benefactors. This support stems from the municipality’s social responsibility to the community in the UAE and abroad.

“This initiative demonstrates the support and attention of the municipality towards children and makes them happy, which is also a cause of happiness for adults. By participating in this initiative, the Municipality wishes to bring moments of joy to the lives of orphans and the needy. This step adds to the Dubai Municipality’s track record in supporting charitable projects and demonstrating its commitment to this vital aspect. It is also a manifestation of the municipality’s efforts to improve communication and constructive interaction with the community, ”she noted.

Major Dr Ahmed Yousef Al Shanqiti, Director of Government Communications, Civil Defense in Dubai, said: “The participation of the Directorate General of Civil Defense in Dubai helps support humanitarian efforts to help the needy in poor countries in capitalizing on the efforts of volunteers to recondition and process uniforms.

“The initiative supports plans to consolidate the spirit of volunteerism in all segments of society, launching humanitarian and social initiatives and inviting others to join. The General Directorate of Civil Protection of Dubai seeks to spread the culture of volunteering and supports all forms of social solidarity and cooperative spirit through teams of volunteers. Such a dynamic consolidates the guidelines of our leaders to support volunteer work based on solidarity and societal cohesion that characterizes the people of the UAE. It is an episode of adherence to the principles and values ​​of national identity and adds to the record of the UAE’s achievements in humanitarian and volunteer efforts, ”Al Shanqiti continued.

Anayah Abulhoul, Purchasing and Marketing Consultant, Managing Partner at Magrudy Enterprises LLC, said, “This innovative initiative promotes sustainability, recycling and community spirit for a charitable cause, which greatly aligns with the core values ​​of our organization. We are excited to share this with the educational institutions we work with to encourage students to get involved by donating their old uniforms, which will then be recycled and made into appropriate clothing before being distributed to countries in the world. need.


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