Raffles The Palm Dubai partners with Hunna Art Gallery


Raffles The Palm Dubai, the luxury beachfront resort located on the West Crescent of the Palm Jumeirah, is collaborating with Hunna Art, a renowned contemporary art gallery, to host an incredible exhibition of four of its top emerging local artists from of 27and January 2022 until March 23rd.

Through a finely curated exhibition, the four featured artists – Alia Zaal, Eman Ali, Alymamah Rashed and Talin Hazbar, will offer a unique insight into the Gulf’s contemporary art scene, a sensory experience for guests staying at the hotel. and art enthusiasts who wish to visit.

The station will host a series of lectures in the majestic Blüthner Hall, designed to attract an audience of curious art connoisseurs. Hosted by gallery owner Océane Sailly, founder and director of Hunna Art, the inaugural conference will dive deep into the theme “Women in the arts and the GCC – Past, present and future” at 4:30 p.m.and January.

The exhibition will present a new body of work by Alia Zaal, a multidisciplinary artist who, through her works, examines the historical limits of the urban and natural environments of her native country, the United Arab Emirates. Exploring the link between vision and perception, his work follows the interplay between digital and analog. This new body of work will consist of oil paintings based on personal photographs and each painting is inspired by a social event in the artist’s life, presenting a unique insight into local customs, while the point of Alia Zaal’s characteristic blurry view preserves the identity of the protagonists.

Omani visual artist Eman Ali will exhibit his captivating installation in the east wing of the property. She focuses her research on the iconographies and cultural symbols of Khaleeji which are intrinsically linked to her roots. Her examination of these symbols dismantles multi-layered ideologies of gender power, politics, representation and performance. Using multiple disciplinary approaches with text, sound, image creation and light installation, Eman Ali’s work highlights sensory mediums to question cultural complexities by exploring their manifestations within the geographical context of Khaleeji societies and the Arab world as a whole.

The exhibition will also highlight a new body of work by Kuwaiti visual artist, Alymamah Rashed, who delves into the discourse of her own body as a Muslim cyborg, oscillating between east and west. As a Muslim cyborg, she collides with her cultural references of origin, between Kuwait and New York, and the history of Islamic spiritualism. Her work negotiates her female subjectivity, the regional folklore and mundane everyday objects encountered by Alymah Rashed as well as the rapid social changes she witnessed, such as the rapid industrialization of the Gulf region. Alymah’s works will be exhibited in the west wing of the complex.

Also exhibiting, Dubai-based Syrian artist Talin Hazbar will bring together sculptures that connect with the artist’s surrounding landscapes and the complex materiality of natural formations. Through her research-based study of architecture, Talin Hazbar seeks to unmask the context of landscapes, material properties, and organic processes. Displayed in the hotel’s club and garden, his sculptures will play with the ever-changing natural light and architectural elements of the club while transporting the majestic landscape of the United Arab Emirates inside the hotel.


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