Paraguay and Peru celebrate their National Days at Expo 2020 Dubai


Mario Abdo Benitez and Sheikh Nahyan along with other dignitaries grace the occasion.

Staff Journalist, Gulf today

The Republic of Paraguay celebrated the country’s National Day in its pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai, in the presence of Mario Abdo Benitez, President of Paraguay, and Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence of the United Arab Emirates and Commissioner General of Expo 2020.

The national day follows a recent announcement by the South American country on the opening of an embassy in the United Arab Emirates to strengthen bilateral relations and bilateral investments between the two countries and the region in general.

The Paraguayan President was welcomed to the Expo by Sheikh Mubarak Al Nahyan who said the UAE was delighted to have a prosperous relationship with the country which is the world’s largest producer of renewable energy per capita.

The Paraguayan President said that participation in the show facilitated the presentation of the country’s culture, economy and investment potential, which should lead to improved relations with the United Arab Emirates, the Middle East and countries around the world.

“The announcement of the opening of the embassy in the UAE and our willingness to consider the UAE as a vantage point and a platform to develop our global trade stem from our long-standing bilateral relationship. We We are also extremely happy to celebrate our National Day at the Expo which, by virtue of the participation of many countries, is a reflection of unity among a multitude of cultural, economic and political diversities,” said José Agüero Ávila, Commissioner General of the Paraguay Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

In a statement, Paraguay pavilion officials said the National Day celebration was marked by a unique cultural show on the Al Wasal des Nations Stage, led by Tierra Adentro, a Latin American band considered the ambassadors of the new Paraguayan folklore, accompanied by the Ballet Folklórico Iberoamericano, a group that spreads Paraguayan culture around the world through dance.

Paraguay also organized this week a Business Forum, the largest ever organized by the country in this region, to elaborate on Paraguay’s economic and investment proposals.

Paraguay’s bilateral trade with the UAE in 2020 amounted to US$25.8 million, with imports from the UAE amounting to US$19.5 million, leaving significant untapped potential to strengthen trades. Paraguay is also a key agricultural exporter willing to work with the UAE and countries in the region to help support food security programs.

The Paraguay Pavilion is located in the mobility district of Expo 2020. It showcases the country’s scenic landscape and resources and portrays an authentic Paraguayan experience through towering works of art. Throughout the experience, the country theme of water is underlying Paraguay and it also offers a taste of its culture through the country’s ethnic music and dance forms.

Paraguay is the largest producer of renewable energy in the world: 100% of the energy it produces is renewable. Paraguay is also one of the largest food producers in the world. The country has the third largest fleet of river barges on the planet, connecting it to the world through its rivers flowing into the Atlantic Ocean. Thanks to water, Paraguay not only produces clean energy, but also ensures that its production reaches the world. The country has also been ranked as “the happiest place in the world”.

Peru: Peru celebrated its National Day with color, flavor and culture at Expo 2020 Dubai, the most important exhibition in the world, as announced by the Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Exports and Tourism ( PROMPERU).

The activities began with an official ceremony in charge of the representatives of Expo Dubai and the Peruvian delegation led by the General Commissioner and Executive President of PROMPERÚ, Amora Carbajal, in the presence of officials from the different countries present at the event.

The highlight of Peru’s celebration was a performance by the National Folk Ballet. This beautiful display of multicultural identity took viewers on a magical journey through the music and dances of the coastal, Andean and Amazonian regions of the country.

“We have many reasons to celebrate Peru’s rapprochement with the United Arab Emirates, the Middle East and the world. Today, March 7, our country captivated the world with artistic and folkloric presentations that belong to our rich cultural heritage and are also part of the heritage of humanity,” said Amora Carbajal, Head of PROMPERÚ.

Although the official Peru Day activities have come to an end, the Peruvian festive spirit will continue to be present in Dubai for the next few days. The artistic show “Wayra” will be presented on the Land and Sea stages of the Expo.

Additionally, the Peru Pavilion will continue to promote culture, biodiversity and business opportunities for the export, tourism and business investment sectors. In addition, masterclasses and tastings of Peruvian cuisine using attractive ingredients of commercial interest to the Arab market will be offered to visitors, as well as the splendid pisco and high-quality Peruvian coffee.

“The Peru Pavilion has exceeded expectations, receiving more than one million visitors and will exhibit until March 31 the most relevant aspects of Peruvian art and culture; in addition to a wide variety of agricultural products, fishing, textiles and various manufactured products”, reported the head of PROMPERÚ.

Expo 2020 Dubai is a meeting point for the process of global economic recovery and this international stage, which has the participation of more than 190 countries, represents a unique opportunity to boost the economy of the different regions of Peru through platforms commercial.


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