Pakistani province of Punjab launches new initiatives to promote investment in UAE


Pakistani officials at the launch of new initiatives at Expo 2020 Dubai on Wednesday. WAM

Sajjad Ahmed, Associate Business Editor

As part of its participation in Expo 2020 Dubai, the Pakistani Provincial Government of Punjab has launched two new initiatives in the United Arab Emirates to promote and facilitate investment and growth of start-ups.

The first initiative is the Investment Portal, an online resource center to help investors and business people in Pakistan and abroad. This is being launched in parallel with the start-up competition and the project exhibitions presented at the Pakistan Pavilion.

The second initiative is the UAE Helpdesk, an office space being set up in the Emirates by the government of the Punjab that aims to attract investment to the Punjab from the UAE business community.

The announcement was made by Punjab’s Minister of Industry, Trade, Investment and Skills Development Mian Muhammad Aslam Iqbal at a ceremony in Dubai on Wednesday. Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates Afzaal Mahmood was also present on the occasion.

Various Flavors of Pakistan: Dawat brings the best of Pakistani cuisine to a panoramic rooftop housed in the iconic Pakistan Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

The fine-dining restaurant, which opened to the public on Tuesday, aims to showcase various flavors of Pakistan, taking diners on journeys across the country on a mouth-watering menu of limit-pushing cuisine.

Dawat translates into a “celebratory feast” showcasing the restaurant’s luxurious layout and offerings. With a myriad of dishes inspired by the country’s rich history, almost evoking a sense of royalty to experience, Dawat’s menu has been prepared by top chefs from across the country.

While Dawat offers an immersive journey into Pakistani cuisine on its magnificent rooftop terrace, the restaurant’s shared-style menu has been developed in partnership with Erth, Abu Dhabi’s popular destination for hospitality, cuisine and entertainment. emiratis.

Pakistan Pavilion and Erth also have a partnership in Dhaba Restaurant, located on the ground floor. Dhaba, which means “a roadside food stall”, has been serving guests in a friendly and warm atmosphere since October 1.

Rizwan Tariq, Managing Director of Pakistan Pavilion, commented, “We are delighted to partner with Erth and present two wonderful culinary destinations at Pakistan Pavilion. The nature of Pakistani hospitality inspired the dishes to give epicureans a culinary adventure of a kind.

The menu is rich in exciting dishes, inspired by the diversity of dishes and flavors of Pakistan, most of the hidden gems remain relatively unexplored. The team worked extremely hard to bring this vision to life on the roof of the Pavilion.

Shaikha Al Kaabi, CEO of Erth, said: “Sharing food and drink is an integral part of UAE and Pakistani culture. It is a pleasure to collaborate with the Pakistan Pavilion and launch two amazing food trips at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates have always had a strong relationship and I am confident that every guest from Dhaaba and Dawat will enjoy the delicious cuisine on offer and have a memorable experience, ”she added.

The trained chefs, with many years of culinary experience, have curated an opulent menu of Imperial cuisine keeping in mind the motto of the Pakistan pavilion for Expo 2020 – which is to inform, inspire and inspire. igniting the conversation to leave a lasting impact, by introducing the masses to its rich history, culture and traditions layered through food.

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