NYUAD launches largest mangrove plantation in UAE

  • The event was organized in partnership with the Emirates Marine Environmental Group (EMEG) and supports the UAE’s national target, announced at COP26, to plant 100 million mangroves by 2030

Abu Dhabi, UAE: More than 100 NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) community members gathered in one of the UAE’s unique ecosystems near Jebel Ali to plant 5,000 mangrove trees in less than an hour. The initiative is a collaboration between NYUAD Community Outreach and the Emirates Marine Environmental Group (EMEG), and is part of the University’s commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation.

This initiative aligns with the UAE’s national goal, announced at COP26, to plant one hundred million mangroves by 2030. This national commitment is part of the UAE’s initiative to leverage the natural solutions to combat climate change, as mangroves serve as important carbon sinks and protect the UAE’s coastlines from rising sea levels. The United Arab Emirates is home to more than a dozen mangrove sites and plans to expand and develop their presence across the Emirates.

Community Outreach Manager at NYUAD Esraa Bani said, “Our goal, through the volunteer and community learning opportunities we provide to our students, is to promote meaningful community involvement, embrace the rich diversity of UAE and to cultivate ethical and inclusive leadership. This specific initiative is close to our hearts not only because it contributes to NYUAD’s commitment to a sustainable future and NYU’s 2040 carbon neutrality goal, but also because we are actively engaging the youth of the UAE in the protection of one of the country’s unique ecosystems, a “green lung”. for large cities and an irreplaceable wildlife habitat.

NYUAD is committed to creating a more sustainable future and promoting global dialogue on climate change by contributing, nationally and globally, to reducing the University’s carbon footprint and environmental impact through l teaching, research and community involvement.


About NYU Abu Dhabi

NYU Abu Dhabi is the first comprehensive liberal arts and research campus in the Middle East to be operated overseas by a major American research university. NYU Abu Dhabi has integrated a highly selective curriculum with majors in science, engineering, social sciences, arts, and humanities with a global center for advanced research. Its campus enables students to succeed in an increasingly interdependent world, and to advance cooperation and progress on humanity’s common challenges. High-achieving students at NYU Abu Dhabi come from some 120 countries and speak more than 115 languages. Together, NYU’s campuses in New York, Abu Dhabi and Shanghai form the backbone of a unique global university, offering faculty and students the opportunity to experience diverse learning environments and immersion in other cultures. on one or more of the many study abroad sites that NYU maintains. on six continents.


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