Northern Emirates: in touch with heritage through Sharjah tourism



Khalid Jasim Al Midfa, Chairman of the Sharjah Trade and Tourism Development Authority
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Sharjah is home to a rich cultural and natural heritage, which attracts many visitors from all over the world, boosting the growth of the emirate’s tourism sector. Golden desert sands, serene beaches and ancient mangroves coupled with modern attractions and outdoor adventures, Sharjah has established a reputation as a premier destination for families, offering them a chance to experience some of the wonders and nature of the world. unique beauty of the Arab world. .

Amid the current global situation, the government of Sharjah has maintained the highest international tourism standards and established new ways to ensure the safety of its residents and visitors while continuing to enjoy the many tourist spots in the emirate. . The Sharjah Commerce & Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA) remains committed to improving the safety of tourists during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Several initiatives and partnerships, including the Sharjah Safe for Tourism stamp, which adheres to the security protocols of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), have been launched. The stamp is a globally recognized label awarded to tourist facilities that meet international health, hygiene and safety standards.

SCTDA continues to revitalize the tourism and hospitality sectors by strategizing with our private sector partners, regaining the confidence of tourists, guided by the gradual relaxation of travel restrictions. We are helped in this by the launch of several new projects, notably along the east coast of Sharjah.

Kalba and Khorfakkan, along the east coast of Sharjah, are considered to be an exceptional tourist destination with offerings for all ages and interests – adventure, nature, heritage supported by the region’s fascinating biodiversity. A scenic natural environment features tourism projects with a focus on sustainability, such as the Kalba Ecotourism Project, one of the largest ecotourism projects in the UAE.

The East Coast, given its strategic location, has seen the introduction of a long list of tourism projects; the development of the town of Khorfakkan, the Cloud Lounge, located at an altitude of 580 meters above sea level offers breathtaking panoramic views, Wadi Water Canal, offering visitors the opportunity to ride a water buggy , connects to the sea from Khorfakkan beach. In addition, Al Rayaheen Hostel, Khorfakkan Youth Hostel, Shees Park and Lounge Project, Najd Al-Maqsar Village, Amphitheater, Khorfakkan Fort, Al Rabi Tower and Al Adwani Tower, for to name a few, have been conceptualized to seamlessly integrate the elements of sustainability, heritage and nature, with an emphasis on maintaining the balance between the environment and the growth of tourism.

Several infrastructure developments have also been undertaken to boost local tourism under the wise leadership of the Sharjah leadership, including major national projects such as road extensions, designed to facilitate access and connectivity for residents and visitors to the city throughout the year. Important coastal area with an ancient history as a stopover on sea routes, the East Coast also looks forward to welcoming the return of cruises to Khorfakkan port as soon as the situation returns to normal to welcome visitors as well as domestic tourists. and international. .

Tourism has always been and will continue to be a major driver of the UAE economy as the country enters a new phase of growth and development. We at SCTDA look forward to partnering with the UAE’s tourism success saga with great enthusiasm and optimism as Sharjah continues to strengthen its partnerships with the private and public sectors as well as with organizations. local and international to ensure the growth of the sector in line with the changing global tourism landscape.



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