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DUBAI, UAE, Sept. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Reviving a cryptocurrency after losing its fame is indeed a difficult task. However, it is not impossible. Luna Classic, once the talk of the town, is now rarely heard of. To restore the lost glory of Luna Classic, a new crypto has recently entered the market. With dedication and honesty as core principles, the project aims to create a thriving and sustainable ecosystem for investors.

A look at Luna Freaks

The creators and founding members of the Luna Freaks community belong to the loyal community of Luna Classic. 5% of the tax imposed on each Luna Freaks token transaction is used by the project to burn an equivalent amount of Luna Classic. Decreasing the supply of Luna Classic following each burn will cause the demand for the token to increase. Improving demand will restore Luna Classic to the list of popular cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, while the company is focusing on the revival of Luna Classic, at the same time it wants to satisfy investors by offering various rewards. The developers and founders of Luna Freaks are very keen on creating a community that radiates integrity and transparency. At the same time, the creators want to inspire other developers to continue in their footsteps and decrease the supply of Luna Classic.

An exemplary mission

The community aims to reach new heights through the constant burning of Luna Classic tokens with rewarding customers from time to time. Customers can choose to HODL, buy or sell their Luna Freaks rewards.

Holders can earn rewards by simply holding their tokens. The rewards received will be in the form of LUNC (Terra Luna Classic). The community aspires to make LUNC a reliable token again and provide benefits to all those who suffered heavy losses from the Luna crash. By bringing Luna fanatics together, the community wants to create a platform where working towards prosperity is treated with the utmost respect. $LUNC can only be reborn by burning $LUNAF. Although the Luna Classic has imposed a tax on $LUNC, this will not be enough. To achieve a full revival, each platform must work hand in hand.

$LUNC Burn

Luna has become a sensation these days. Although $LUNC is burned on a small scale by taxes collected every day. However, to achieve a rapid restoration of the glory of Luna Classic, it is necessary for the token to be burned on a large scale. To achieve this goal, the community gets help from its influencers to create more hype. This will help achieve larger hand burns.

A well-planned roadmap

Luna Freaks has divided its roadmap into 4 phases. Phase 1 includes important events such as website development, whitepaper launch, social media building, grassroots marketing, contract development, and team building. Phase 2 involves building a community, contract audit, KYCs, influencer onboarding, aggressive marketing, and AMAs. Phase 3 of the roadmap includes plans for the Pinksale Fair launch, token launch, CoinGecko listing, CoinMarketCap listing, First LUNC Burn, and huge publicity. Phase 4, the final phase of the roadmap, includes LUNAF staking, CEX listing, LUNAF exchange launch, first community giveaway, strategic LUNC burns, and even more heavy publicity.

Wagering and Rewards

Having a source of passive income is always appreciated. To satisfy investors and community members, the project offers numerous staking opportunities and rewards. By simply purchasing $LUNAF and keeping it in their wallet, individuals can earn $LUNC as a reward. Customers can earn both $LUNAF and $LUNC as rewards after Luna Freaks DAPP launches in November 2022.


LUNAF SWAP is another innovative feature of the project. It is a decentralized exchange that allows trading BEP-20 tokens. The decentralized exchange means that every transaction is done automatically without any third-party involvement. All transaction fees collected through LUNA SWAP will be used to burn $LUNC.

Tokenomics and Token Allocation

$LUNAF has the following tokenomics:

Token name: Luna Freaks

Teleprinter: $LUNAF

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Maximum supply: $1,000,000LUNAF

  • Presale: 37% — (370,000)
  • Liquidity: 18.5% — (185,000)
  • Staking: 15% — (150,000)
  • CEX Listing: 10% — (100,000)
  • Team: 5% — (50,000)
  • Marketing: 5% — (50,000)
  • Future development: 5% — (50,000)
  • Advisors: 3% — (30,000)
  • Unlocked: 1.5% — (15,000)

Purchase and sales taxes are distributed as follows:

Purchase tax:

  • 4% LUNC burns
  • 4% LUNC rewards
  • 4% marketing


  • 5% LUNC burns
  • 5% LUNC rewards
  • 5% marketing

Additionally, potential investors and crypto enthusiasts interested in Luna Freaks can visit the official project website or read the white paper.

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