Indian man rents one-bedroom apartment in Bur Dubai for Dh44,000


My rent in Dubai takes you inside a reader’s home to see what they pay each month, see who they live with, and ask them what they like and dislike

Karan Thawrani pays Dh44,000 ($11,980) a year to live in a one-bedroom apartment in the famous Bur Dubai district.

The legal consultant, originally from India, said he chose to live there because he grew up in the neighborhood as a child and felt a strong sense of shared community.

Among his favorite aspects of life in Bur Dubai is how busy it is with constant bustle, and also how convenient it is to reach other parts of the city from his home.

Mr. Thawrani, 26, guest The National for a tour of his home at Desert Rose Apartments to show us what makes it so special to him.

Why did you choose to live here and how much do you pay in rent?

I chose to live here because I was born in this neighborhood. I lived here until I was 8 years old when I moved to India with my family.

I moved back to Dubai about two years ago and wanted to live here because there are special memories for me.

It gives me a feeling of home that I don’t get anywhere else.

It costs me 44,000 Dh and I can pay for it in six checks, which is extremely manageable.

I wanted to get a one bedroom apartment but also wanted to make sure there was plenty of space. I’m really happy to have this place.

People shop in Bur Dubai, a world away from the skyscrapers and supercars of downtown.  Chris Whiteoak / The National

This is one of the biggest apartments in the building and it has two bathrooms as well as a balcony, which was crucial when moving here.

I wanted somewhere with a little extra space but wasn’t charging too much rent, it really ticked all the boxes.

What are the advantages of living here?

Living here means I’m pretty central to almost everything, which is fantastic.

If I want to go to Sharjah or the other side of Dubai like JLT then the distance is about the same so it’s convenient from that point of view.

Being Indian is good here too. It reminds me so much of my home country because there are so many fellow Indians here and it’s still thriving with lots of people around.

There are other communities in Dubai that just don’t have that. Many of them are too quiet for my taste, there is nothing to do, especially in gated communities.

Just walk out the front door here and you’re surrounded by shops and restaurants, as well as crowds.

Everyone is so approachable. You can just approach someone and chat with them and they will be very friendly.

I go to the nearby gym about four times a week and everyone there is really helpful and easy to talk to.

Are there any downsides to living here?

Not for me. There are still open places that I remember when I was a kid.

There are so many good memories all around me.

What did you do to appropriate the place?

I really have everything you would expect, such as a TV, a dining table and a sofa.

The sofa turns into a bed, so when my parents come to visit, they can have the room.

Updated: May 29, 2022, 04:23

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