How to make weddings eco-responsible


A sustainable marriage is a celebration where the couple tries to reduce the effect of the event on the environment. The idea is to be aware of the consumption of resources that would otherwise be used in the marriage. This can include recycling waste, choosing a sustainable venue, and even neglecting to participate in traditional practices that might be considered unsustainable.

You will have to go the extra mile with detailed and better planning to make your wedding more eco-friendly. First of all, I would suggest choosing a good time of year (in the case of the UAE, I would suggest December to March) so that you don’t need air conditioning or coolers for outdoor events. air.

Another rule of thumb to follow is to say no to plastic throughout the wedding and use tree-free paper wedding invitations (seeded paper/recycled paper), digital photos and most importantly use QR codes throughout to explain the details of the wedding celebration.

Also, when it comes to choosing the wedding menu, go for organic and local foods and, after the event, donate the extra food.

Celebrate your big day in one hotel rather than having multiple venues, saving on decor items and extra transportation needs and using all electric vehicles for guest pick-up and drop-off ( airport transfers).

When it comes to gifts and giveaways, try to source locally to support a small business, reducing your carbon footprint. I also suggest using eco-friendly packaging. For gift ideas, use items that are more durable and can be recycled, such as recycled burlap sacks, potted plants, or even edibles like honey.

After the celebrations, you can also hire a specialist company to remove decorative waste for reuse or precise disposal and finally, offset the carbon footprint by planting local trees. In the United Arab Emirates, Gaff trees are suggested.

They say “a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”, while the end goal is to have a lasting celebration and not to become “sustainability ready” overnight, but to start small but to start somewhere.


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