Freedom from Fear: What Philippine Independence Day Means to Josh Yugen


“For me, independence means being free from fear, from any fear that keeps you from reaching your dreams or taking on the next chapter of your life or even taking one small step because you can never cross the ocean without having the courage to lose the beauty of the shore.” says Josh Yugen, a famous entrepreneur and producer based in Dubai. I will always remember the advice Nicole Scherzinger gave me when I met her at the Dolby Theater Hollywood in 2016 – “If you have a dream, don’t let anyone stand in the middle, chase it.” he added.

In 2007, Josh came to Dubai not knowing what to expect. With passion, courage and resilience, he won numerous accolades and became one of the region’s most successful Filipinos – from founding Yugen PR, one of the fastest growing public relations companies in Dubai, creating waves on the international stage through Xpedition Magazine, a local luxury fashion and travel magazine, being awarded the franchises of the historic Miss Universe UAE and Miss Universe Bahrain as National Director.

Much like how the Philippines broke free from Spanish rule over a hundred years ago, achieving freedom has become one of the most precious steps Filipinos have taken in their rich history – making freedom really priceless. For Josh Yugen, freedom is the same thing that drove him to break down barriers in the industry – from being the most-followed verified Filipino personality on Instagram based on reports from HypeAuditor, to producing the global trend Arab Fashion Week 2018 with Maymay Entrata, to bring the then reigning Miss Universe Catriona Gray to the United Arab Emirates and be one of the most famous producers of the stars, including Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach, Bailey May and the P-POP group BINI / BGYO .

Empowering the Filipino community through fashion, art and music, especially in a foreign country thousands of miles from our homeland, is truly what makes it feel like home.


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