Fairmont Hotels & Resorts officially launches “Experience The Grandest of Feelings in Dubai”



Fairmont Hotels & Resorts has ushered in an unforgettable new chapter in its more than 100-year history, Live the greatest of feelings, a global brand campaign that pays homage to tangible echoes of the luxury brand’s historic origins while communicating a refreshed vision and moving images of adventures to come. The visionaries who made history creating the first Fairmont hotels and those who continue to preserve and protect the abundant natural landscapes wherever Fairmont resides is a key theme throughout the creation of the campaign.

The tradition of caring hospitality amidst spectacular scenery around the world firmly roots the brand in nature and its preservation.

“Travel truly is one of the most unique unites and equalizers. It doesn’t matter how, why and where we travel: the transcendent act of traveling – no matter the distance – opens the mind to the diversity and inclusion that boldly moves society forward. Said Mansi Vagt, vice president of Fairmont Hotels & Resorts.

“Experience The Grandest of Feelings” celebrates this and captures the essence of all that is Fairmont, no matter the destination – downtown, island retreat and everything in between. The dominant feeling is to be in a place that has meaning and feeling.

The new global campaign celebrates the brand’s great natural origins of awe-inspiring endless landscapes. Evolving the Fairmont style into a higher, poetic and ethereal expression of the brand, this campaign is an invitation to guests to experience the grandest of feelings at The Fairmont.

After a successful first launch in New York, Experience The Grandest of Feelings continues its journey around the world with a key stop in Dubai. The juxtaposition of Fairmont’s ‘grand by nature’ philosophy and touchstone with the scintillating urban jungle of breathtaking Dubai modernism allows the brand to present itself with an impressive and lush facility located in the center of the international financial hub. of Dubai (DIFC), at Gate Village.

“In the United Arab Emirates, where saturated hues, awkward screens and oversized opulence are the norm, we will bring the immersive and unexpected installation to life,” adds Mansi Vagt, vice president, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts. “Set in a modern, high-traffic location in Dubai’s international financial center, the living work of art will be a striking juxtaposition between the simplicity of nature and the complexity of its surrounding architecture.”

Additionally, to help conceptualize and illustrate the campaign, the brand asked poet Cleo Wade to discover, experience and celebrate her extraordinary places, grandiose landscapes and illustrious origins with the power of words by developing a poem titled “That Fairmont Feeling ”.

Inspired by the creation of the brand’s global campaign and the poem That Fairmont Feeling, the installation will feature plants and greenery traveling organically to a hidden structure. The windows in the center of the installation will be transformed into digital screens that will bring it to life with the creative assets of the poet defender, the poem and the amplification of the installation.

As part of Fairmont Hotels & Resorts’ debut on an unforgettable new chapter in its history, The brand has partnered with Oscar-winning actress and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Susan Sarandon to serve as Global Brand Ambassador and to help launch its exciting new global campaign, Live the Biggest Feelings.

The Experience The Grandest of Feelings installation will be available to passers-by from Thursday October 21 to Sunday October 29.



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