Emirati entrepreneur Noora Fikree launches Al Misk


Noora Fikree, CEO of Al Misk App
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The fashion and lifestyle industries have suffered the profound effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Entrepreneurs in these industries needed support and what better than to offer an online marketing and e-commerce platform to businesses of all sizes in the near post-Covid era to accelerate the economic recovery in these industries.

Emirati entrepreneur Noora Fikree has launched an electronic marketplace with e-commerce opportunities for global consumers as well as local businesses. Al Misk e-commerce store platform promises visibility, growth, sales and success to businesses such as fashion, beauty, wellness, travel, food and more. “The possibilities are endless as the digital presence will bring millions of opportunities to businesses through the Al Misk app,” said Al Misk CEO Noora Fikree. Speaking in more detail about Al Misk, Noora Fikree claimed that Al Misk offers an integrated marketing approach to entrepreneurs and offers them support at different levels. Registered brands can experience exponential future growth through this innovative platform.

The Al Misk Ecommerce Boutique Platform gradual launch event took place on October 25, at the Intercontinental Hotel, Dubai Festival City, where many entrepreneurs from across the seven emirates joined to support the launch. Fahad Bin Thani, CEO of Tjaarz, gave a motivational speech to enlighten entrepreneurs on the future of businesses. The UAE’s first female aeronautical engineer and award-winning executive, Dr. Engineer Suaad Al Shamsi motivated the guests with her heartwarming speech; while Dr Maya Al Hawary encouraged women entrepreneurs to follow their passion and move forward. The ceremony brought together several local entrepreneurs.

Noora Fikree, an Emirati entrepreneur, determined, focused and ambitious visionary, shared facts about her business.

“My mission, during Al Misk Group’s evolutionary stages, has been to ensure that I am able to provide a thriving platform for businesses so that even local businesses have enough light to experience a growth and get the well-deserved attention. Al Misk is drawing more than local attention, ”she said. “It invites brands around the world to join this marketing platform and experience growth. “

She referred to struggling businesses to show how she came up with a solution for business growth and sustainability. She expressed her gratitude to His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai. “He has led the country in an inspiring way,” she said. “Today, women entrepreneurs are able to live their dreams as independent and empowered women thanks to her vision to support them. He has undoubtedly set powerful examples of superior leadership that not only changes minds and hearts, but also determines the greater destiny of a prosperous nation. “

Noora firmly believes in the power of innovation. She set an example for other entrepreneurs to step forward and embrace the new and abandon the traditional ways. The need for innovative business solutions cannot be denied. The future is bright for those who understand the need of the hour and build businesses accordingly. Al Misk aims to meet the needs of modern consumers and sellers. It has the ability to go beyond the local and make a global impact as a digital platform.

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