Emirates News Agency – World Media Congress carries messages of tolerance, peace and development: WAM Director General


PARIS, 11th August, 2022 (WAM) — Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi, Managing Director of the Emirates News Agency (WAM), said the World Media Congress, to be held in Abu Dhabi from November 15-17, 2022 , constitutes a comprehensive, rich and innovative international platform that foresees the future of the media sector in the region and in the world.

Al Rayssi stressed that the convening of the global event in conjunction with the International Day for Tolerance, which falls on November 16 each year, reaffirms the importance of moving forward in the development of the media sector in as a pillar of sustainable development, as well as to disseminate and consolidate the values ​​of coexistence, tolerance and peace in the world.

In an interview with Radio Monte Carlo Doualiya from the French capital, Paris, Al Rayssi highlighted the distinctiveness of Emirati-French relations, noting the opportunities for joint cooperation in the media sector, as WAM looks forward to strengthening its relations with French media. and building lasting partnerships.

He explained that the World Media Congress will devote part of its discussions to examining the importance of making the media an instrument for promoting tolerance and coexistence, since the Congress offers unique and qualitative content with the participation of a selection of media institutions, specialist companies, experts, specialists and influencers from around the world. The global event is filled with a rich work program, as it includes a specialized exhibition for media, regional and global institutions and companies, during which they will showcase their products and ideas, he added. .

Al Rayssi said that during the event, a platform will be available for the first time to present new innovations in the media sector in various fields, including press, radio, television or new media, adding that anyone working in this area should be familiar with it. with the latest innovations in this sector to contribute to the refinement of their skills and the development of their capacities.

He pointed out that the World Media Congress is also attending a 3-day conference, which focuses on its first day on “investment in media”; in its second day on “Innovation in the media”, artificial intelligence and its important role in the sector; and in its third day on “the human in the media”. It also offers seminars to take stock of the development of the media sector in different continents of the world such as Latin America, Asia, Europe and Africa, he continued.

Al Rayssi pointed out that the World Media Congress will feature specialized workshops, in addition to a “Social Responsibility Program” targeting new journalists and media professionals to provide them with training programs, in addition to hosting joint meetings international companies and media institutions.

He also pointed out that the Congress, which is the largest event for the media sector in the world, is hosting a “Media Lab”, during which eminent international leaders will speak about the challenges facing the sector and the solutions and initiatives proposed. .

The Managing Director of WAM asserted that the world is undergoing rapid changes and the media sector should have a forward-looking vision in this regard to address future trends in various sectors from which the audience can benefit, adding that the role of the media should not not be limited to the transmission and presentation of information.

“In the UAE, we believe in complementarity, and the media sector is among the important and vital sectors of the country. The World Media Congress also focuses on the principle of complementarity, achieving mutual benefits and consolidating creativity in the global media industry,” said Al Rayssi. affirmed.

He underscored that the Emirati media sector is part of the UAE’s vision to achieve leadership in all sectors, noting the keenness of this sector to keep pace with the country’s strategic plans and its vision for the future, and to play its important role as a pillar of sustainable growth and development.

During his interview with Radio Monte Carlo Doualiya, Al Rayssi spoke about the Emirates News Agency‘s plans to open regional offices in various parts of the world, noting that the UAE, with its rich cultural diversity and of more than 200 nationalities, and in light of the development and achievements witnessed in all fields, WAM can provide distinguished media content to all nationalities residing in the country and in different languages, as well as enhance the global reputation honor of the country and highlight its achievements, paths of development and human values ​​to the whole world.

Al Rayssi invited all media institutions in the region and the world, and those working in this sector, to be present at the World Media Congress and to work together to develop this vital and important sector, as well as to familiarize themselves closely with the United Arab Emirates and its decorated journey of achievements over the past 50 years, in addition to its rich cultural diversity and its ideal climate for tolerance and coexistence among all nationalities.


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