Emirates news agency – Etisalat highlights rapid growth of SmartHub data centers


ABOU DHABI, September 21, 2021 (WAM) – Etisalat’s SmartHub customer community is experiencing massive growth, mainly due to its diverse and comprehensive ecosystem providing an ideal environment for interconnection and proximity to regional end users, has said Ali Amiri, Group Chief Carrier and Wholesale Agent, Etisalat.

“As one of the largest operator neutral hotels, Etisalat’s SmartHub data centers will be an ICT bridge between continents, always supporting the critical business activities of global customers. At Etisalat, we are committed to making ‘SmartHub’ a prime location for Operators, Cloud Service Providers, Internet Exchanges, and businesses looking for carrier grade data centers, ”Amiri said.

SmartHub is a trusted digital enabler for global customers across various industry sectors, including telecom operators, OTTs, cloud players, content delivery networks, financial services, and gaming platforms. It also has direct access to several independent submarine cable systems, interconnecting Europe, the United States, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, making it capable of serving over two billion of people with 30 milliseconds latency to ensure a superior customer experience.

SmartHub is the region’s largest submarine cable landing station hub, providing access to a list of wholesale services including data, voice, mobile phone and satellite teleport services, as well as the Internet and IPX Exchange, and offers flexible pricing models and services.

Recently, Etisalat was recognized as “Best Regional Data Center Operator” at the fifth annual Carrier Community (CC) Global Awards in Berlin.

The “Best Regional Data Center Operator” award recognizes an entity with a unique service or initiative that demonstrates the most efficient and new service or solution and can illustrate the business benefits that flow from it.

Commenting on the award, Amiri said, “Through our commitment to excellence and innovation, Etisalat’s SmartHub has become one of the fastest growing wholesale data centers in the regions it dessert, especially the Middle East, Africa and Europe. SmartHub is a key part of the digital infrastructure in the region, and will continue to provide its customers with world-class service that meets their evolving needs. “

Etisalat SmartHub is a full-service, carrier-grade wholesale data center in Fujairah. The SmartHub ecosystem currently has three facilities, namely SmartHub Fujairah 1, SmartHub Fujairah 2 and SmartHub Dubai.

Etisalat is currently building a fourth SmartHub facility in the United Arab Emirates, which is expected to come into service in the first quarter of 2022. The new facility is expected to increase Etisalat’s capacity and global ability to meet the growing infrastructure needs of its international customers. in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.

With the expansion, Etisalat’s transportation and wholesale services have set a benchmark in the region and bear witness to the company’s strategy of “Driving the Digital Future to Empower Corporations”. It is also in line with the vision of UAE leaders to continue to lead as the ICT and data hub for the region, meeting the various demands of the global telecommunications infrastructure.

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