Dubai World Trade Center gets network overhaul before Gitex 2021



Dubai: Technology company Extreme Networks completed a large-scale network overhaul at the Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC), increasing the capacity of Dubai’s main exhibition site tenfold. As a result, DWTC can now offer a variety of next-generation applications, including multimedia displays and contactless engagement technologies, more robust security, and improved health and safety measures.

With great exhibits on the horizon, the world looks to Dubai to set new standards for mega-events

– Farid Farouq, Vice President, IT, Purchasing and Contracts, Dubai World Trade Center

“We seized this opportunity to fulfill the mission of the Dubai World Trade Center to be a world-leading venue for conferences, exhibitions and events and to provide a world-class business networking platform with integrated end-to-end services, ”said Farid Farouq, vice president, IT, procurement and contracts, Dubai World Trade Center.

With the help of the additional capacity, DWTC will gain greater visibility into traffic patterns, staging areas, dealership traffic, and overall application usage throughout its events. These will allow them to optimize the operation of the sites and offer more personalized experiences to all participants.

“The Dubai World Trade Center demonstrates how the events industry can become stronger and more resilient after the pandemic by leveraging technology to help it expand its reach and innovative services,” said Maan Al- Shakarchi, META Regional Director, Extreme Networks.



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