Covid in the United Arab Emirates: 167,500kg of food seized in 17 restaurants – News



The foodstuffs seized were deemed unfit for human consumption due to non-compliance with health safety standards related to Covid-19.

Authorities in the municipality of Al Dhaid confiscated 167,500 kilograms of food, which were deemed unfit for human consumption, and 17 restaurants for non-compliance with health safety standards related to Covid-19.

This step was taken as part of the intensified campaign titled “Summer Inspection”, which was launched recently to ensure public health safety in Al Dhaid.

Ahmed Musabeh Al Tunaiji, head of the public health department of Al Dhaid municipality, said city officials have carried out surprise inspection checks to ensure restaurants comply with precautionary standards related to contagion and that all measures are implemented during the scorching summer months.

City officials inspected 196 food stores, including supermarkets, grocery stores and restaurants, and confiscated 167,500 kg of food deemed unfit for human consumption.

Al Tunaiji said the inspection campaign takes place in the morning and evening.

Inspectors carried out checks on food products and ensured that air conditioners were operational 24/7 to prevent food from spoiling due to exposure to extreme dry heat during the months most intense summer.

Al Tunaiji pointed out that city authorities monitor fast food restaurants in light of extremely high temperatures by carrying out surprise and periodic inspections to check the operation of air conditioning facilities and the quality of food served according to prescribed standards.

He said grocery store owners would be held accountable for any non-compliance with standards and severe penalties would be imposed on them.

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