British football fan ‘tortured’ in UAE gets green light to prosecute Emirati Interpol chief Raisi


The UK High Court in London has cleared a football fan to sue the Interpol chief, who is one of six Emirati officials charged with complicity in torture.

Ahmed Naser Al-Raisi was in charge of prisons and police in the Gulf State at the time of the incident [Getty]

The UK High Court has cleared a football fan to sue the Interpol chief on charges of torture and forcible confinement in the United Arab Emirates.

Ali Issa Ahmed, a dual British-Sudanese citizen, said he suffered abuse from Emirati authorities while in the United Arab Emirates to watch an Asian Cup game in 2019.

At the time, the current head of Interpol, Major General Ahmed Nasser Al-Raisi, was in charge of prisons and police in the Gulf state, and is one of six senior Emirati officials prosecuted by Ahmad.

Other officials sued for damages include Abu Dhabi State Security Procuratorate Chief Saqr Saif Al-Naqbi, Abu Dhabi Police Commander-in-Chief Major General Faris Khalaf al-Mazrouei, and the second-in-command of Abu Dhabi State Security, Major General Ahmed Naser Ahmed al-Dahri. .

Ahmad said he was arrested by UAE security forces in Abu Dhabi after Qatar’s second-round match with Iraq because he was “wearing a Qatar team jersey”.

At the time, the United Arab Emirates was one of four states participating in the blockade of Qatar.

Ahmad said that while in detention he was “beaten, electrocuted, cut, burned and repeatedly questioned” about why he was wearing “a Qatar shirt”.

The security guard said he suffered “physical and psychological damage” from the ordeal.

At the time of his arrest, the UAE confirmed it had detained a Briton, but denied reports it was because he had shown support for Qatar.

The UAE embassy in London instead claimed in a statement that he was accused of “making false statements of assault to the police”.

After Ahmad’s release, the UK Foreign Office agreed to request an investigation into the matter, but no official was ever held accountable for the alleged abuse.


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