5 Best Pour Over Coffee Makers in the UAE, for 2022


There’s a lot to love about hand brewing: deeper flavors, more control, and the satisfaction of making your own hot cup of coffee. Sure, the pour-over method takes longer than automatic brewers, but that’s exactly why the coffee tastes so much better. By slowly saturating the coffee grounds with hot water, you extract notes that you would never have discovered otherwise, whether they are fruity, nutty or floral.

It’s no wonder most specialty coffee shops prefer this brewing method, and you can enjoy the same quality at home with your own pour-over kit. Before checking out our selection of the best pour over coffee makers, make sure you have some essential tools. A gooseneck kettle will help with controlled and precise extraction, and a coffee grinder will allow you to brew a new batch every time, if you source whole beans.

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1. Best Overall: Chemex Glass Pour-Over Coffee Maker, Classic Series, 8-Cup


  • Patented pour design, backed by science
  • Can be refrigerated and reheated without the coffee losing its flavor
  • Makes eight cups (one cup is 147ml)
  • Space saving

The inconvenients

  • Requires Chemex Bonded paper filters for best results (not included)

Expensive to carry a single unit without paper filters, the Chemex pourer could be overlooked. But the American brand of coffee makers has been around since 1941 and owes the invention of its patented all-glass carafe to a German chemist. It’s all in the science, which is why Chemex coffee makers are a household name. This classic model brews eight cups of drip coffee and comes with its own set of special instructions, from grind particle size to bloom time. You can even refrigerate brewed coffee to reheat it later – don’t worry, it will still taste the same. Using Chemex paper filters will remove bitterness and acidity from your brew, so add this pack for best results.

2. Best for Two: Fellow Stagg [XF] Pour over coffee maker set


  • Integrated dosing aid – no need for a coffee scale
  • Modern design
  • Comes with 30 paper filters
  • The dripper is portable and can be used on other vessels

The inconvenients

  • Uses its own custom paper filters

Comrade’s Stagg [XF] the pouring assembly offers a more contemporary experience. The flat-bottomed dripper is attached to a double-walled glass carafe, more like a tumbler than a coffee maker. Its 700ml capacity makes it possible to prepare one to two servings, which you can start on right away, since it comes with 30 Stagg paper filters. The dripper, which looks like a screw-on lid, has steep walls on the inside for more coffee-water contact, is vacuum insulated to maintain water temperature, and has a built-in ratio aid, allowing you add just the right amount of coffee. The best part about this set is that the dripper is a separate unit, so you can use it right on your coffee tumbler. Fellow provides a simple guide to making coffee in the [XF] coffee maker on its website.

3. Best Pour-Over Set: SOTECH All-in-One Coffee Set


  • Complete brewing kit with gooseneck kettle, scale and grinder
  • Comes with paper filters
  • Removable ceramic dripper
  • Makes six cups

The inconvenients

  • Coffee grinder could be better

If you still prefer a scale and your own gooseneck kettle, check out Sotech’s set. It’s so sleek and cohesive, you’ll want to dedicate a special corner to this barista kit. The box includes a stylish kettle with a built-in thermometer, an electric scale with a timer, a ceramic dripper, a coffee maker and a 600ml ceramic mug, a grinder and 40 paper filters. What might be a downside for some is the overheated kettle which doesn’t work electrically. The pouring set makes six small cups.

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4. Best for Travel and Budget: Stanley The Camp Pour-Over Coffee Maker Set


  • Rugged design for outdoor use
  • Mug keeps coffee hot for 1.5 hours
  • No paper filter needed
  • Easy to clean

The inconvenients

  • Units are not stackable, which can complicate packing

Take the pouring method outdoors or to the office, with portable equipment. Stanley’s Camp Set retains the traditional brewing experience in a stainless steel dripper and 350ml camp mug. There’s no paper filter problem with this one – the aromatic oils and coffee flavors all seep through a permanent filter. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly. Unlike other brewers, the Stanley pour over kit is not flimsy but sturdy and is built to last a lifetime, especially since the carafe is a thermos cup. Reviewers recommend a medium to coarse grind.

5. Best for Beginners: Hario V60 Pour-Over Coffee Starter Kit


  • Original V60 Dripper
  • Offers more control over extraction
  • The plastic dripper will not break easily
  • Comes with paper filters

The inconvenients

  • Some might prefer the heat resistance of a glass material

The Hario V60 is its own brand in the pouring community. The Japanese company invented the conical dripper (thus shaped like a “V” and angled at a 60 degree angle) in 2004, and popularized the iconic shape as we know it today. In this starter set from Hario, coffee lovers receive a V60 plastic dripper, a 700ml glass coffee maker, a spoon and 100 paper filters. It’s affordable for the V60 without glass, but, according to reviews, the plastic unit still retains heat well. The dripper’s unique spiral rib design and large opening at the bottom let you control your extraction speed. For a light cup, pour water quickly; for a rich flavor, pass the grind slowly.

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