2022 SB20 World Championships at the Royal Irish Yacht Club


2022 SB20 World Championships at the Royal Irish Yacht Club – Overall

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September 5-9, 2022

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AP Hotel & Resorts brilliantly wins the title

What a week it was at the Provident CRM SB20 World Championship! Participants experienced every type of Irish weather, from squalls of rain to blazing sunshine. If the wind has rather worked on a drop from a howling 30 knots on Monday to a light and unstable breeze on the last day, emotions, on the contrary, have not ceased to rise.

Day 4 ended with John Pollard’s Xcellent team leading the standings with a four point advantage. Day 5 was decisive, because after the first two teams the 3rd place could be taken by at least three teams. With three races on Day 5, the participants got another gap and that’s when their best results earlier this week became crucial.

On Day 5, the race committee was determined to organize three races to complete the 12-race program planned for this championship. The time for the first warning signal was moved earlier to 11:00 a.m. and there was fear of a wind drop making the final day very stressful for some teams before it even started.

The game was started with the gun for the 10 stroke firing on time. The breeze was more westerly and constantly changing. A still rising tide of 4m at the time of Race 10 probably prevented the general recall. All races started on the uniform flag and you could hear PRO David Lovegrove asking the fleet on the radio to cooperate and try not to cross the line by delaying the start.

The race on Day 5 was more like a game of chess with positions changing all the time. The first race of the day was won by the French youth team of Ian Garreta from Antibes, their only ball this week. They sailed well on the first day of racing in the championship and finished in the top 3 that day. Nils Razmilovic 2nd after a good comeback from 7th place on the first lap. The Leviathan locals clinched their third podium by closing the top 3 of Race 10.

Race 11 was a bit of a pain. It started with a general recall after the RC registered a 30 degree change. before the start The sky darkened and a big cloud appeared on the left side of the racecourse. The French team of Corentin Goulon arrived first at the upwind buoy and continued with good speed. TED was behind them. Unable to pass the lighter French youth team, they finished second, the AP Hotels & Resorts team third.

At 2:15 p.m. we begin to get closer to the allotted time, while the wind plays tricks on the Race Committee. Orange flag, black flag and let’s go for the race! It was Vasco Serpa’s race after the start. It finished first ahead of TED followed by Glasgow Kiss and AP Hotels. In the downwind conditions of Race 12, Vasco, TED and Nils all favored the right side. Only AP Hotels at the head of the fleet have moved to the left. He paid both times. After their first lap in around 7th, the comeback was phenomenal. The best sailing skills in action and a pleasure to watch! They moved up 4 places and took 3rd place overall in a photo-finish with Glasgow Kiss. TED and Vasco Serpa score 1 and 2 as a result, having battled several times.

A week before the event, some class members shared their thoughts on who can win this championship. They wanted to see Nils Razmilovic improve on his result from last year and his Glasgow Kiss side not only won bronze but also topped the Corinthian fleet. John Pollard’s guess with Jack and Henry Wetherell taking first place gave Xcellent silver. At the time, the AP Hotels & Resorts team in its winning configuration of one of the best Portuguese helmsmen and the best tactician in the fleet did not even exist. Congratulations, Jose Paulo, Artem Basalkin, Gonçalo Lopes and Carlota Gala!

And here we are a week later with an incredible fleet of sailors of all ages and genders. Three young local sailors joined our international teams this week for last minute retirements. The female part of the fleet is growing and we are happy to congratulate Julia Freespirit from Ukraine, who despite all the obstacles found a crew and joined the event almost at the last minute. #GameChanger won the women’s category over 5 other teams: KIDZINK with Libby Greenhalgh at the helm and YALLA SHAMAL! by Rachel Blackburn, both from the United Arab Emirates, Lupi from Ireland by Emma Crane and Sneaky B by Charlotte O’Kelly, both from Ireland.

With the arrival of the SB20 Worlds 2024 in Dubai, it was great to have all the teams from the United Arab Emirates and welcome them to the international level of the SB20 races. “See you in Dubai 2024″ spinnakers above the racecourse showing a good level of sailing competition. We hope to see them at other international events until February 2024.

We had 7 fantastic youth teams from four countries. The top youth team title went to Ares of Tasmania, who finished 7th overall. Congratulations, Will, Eddie, Ed and Eirni, you showed us some great sailing by scoring twice in this competitive international fleet!

Vasco Serpa didn’t win this time, but he was very close and he definitely won the Fleet Appreciation Award! Not just a great competition on the water, when it’s not sailing and your sails get stuck or lost along the way, your boat misses for some reason or there’s some other nearly impossible task to sort out, Vasco will be your man! At least three boats made it to Dun Laoghaire so the Australian and Singaporean teams could join us. The class is very lucky to have SailCascais on board!

Hein Ryuten, who did not compete himself this time, our Dutch SB20 boat charterer, has also helped deliver boats from the Netherlands and for next year he will also be the one to talk to. We are grateful to the Royal Irish Yacht Club for their great hospitality and all the technical support which has been as brilliant as ever.

The top three day leaders were recognized and received their framed photos, these were Team Xcellent, Glasgow Kiss and AP Hotels & Resorts. The Nations Cup will travel to the UK this year, the first time in five years of world championships.

In the 3J team of the Masters category, the Netherlands of Jeroen van der Velden were the best and finished the championship in 12th position. Good tests for the Dutch teams on Dublin Bay, it was great to have such a presence and we are proud that youth sailing is supported at a serious level in the Netherlands.

Awesome stories from the Singaporean gang, who first saw a seal emerge from a zoo here in Dublin Bay and how they surprised locals by putting on sunscreen. At the next SB20 event, if you meet a guy called Storm (Storm van Leeuwen – meaning “of the Lions”), remember that name. Apparently it can splice your Dyneema in minutes! PS Don’t forget to buy him a beer.

Friends were made and once again the SB20 World Championship brought together an incredible mix of people from all over the world. The plans have been finalized and we are then going to the Netherlands to discover the North Sea in Scheveningen. Start learning to pronounce that!

The 2023 World Championship is less than a year away, which means the rollercoaster of emotions, finding friends and making new ones, recruiting a crew (and maybe winning the championship) will be on again. on the table.

And then we’ll see you in Dubai 2024!

Full results at www.sailwave.com/results/RIYC/SB20worlds2022.htm

Learn more at www.sb20worlds2022.com

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