1 billion euros of “Made in Italy” jewelry imported into the UAE every year


Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Earlier today, Italy inaugurated the exclusive Italian show during the 50th edition of the Watch and Jewelery Middle East Show in Sharjah. Figures show that Italian jewelery is among the favorites of UAE customers with nearly €1 billion worth of Italian precious items imported into the UAE in 2021 (+108% vs 2020; +10% vs 2019 ). With 47 participating companies, Italy’s presence at the show reached its highest level since the show was launched in 1993.

Organized by the Italian Commercial Agency and the CNA (Italian Confederation of Craft Traders and SMEs), in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in the United Arab Emirates and the Consulate General in Dubai, the fair complements the Italian pavilion located in the hall 4 of the Sharjah Expo Centre.

The Italian Lounge offers visitors to the show a comfortable and discreet setting to try on the precious pieces presented at the show. You can also relax in the lounge, enjoy an Italian coffee and admire some of the most extraordinary Italian jewelry designs on display.

The 47 Italian companies participating in the Watch & Jewelery Middle East Show present their latest collections, ranging from one-of-a-kind ultra-luxury pieces of fine jewelry adorned with very precious stones to simpler jewelry for everyday wear. Distinguished by craftsmanship and exclusive design, Italian producers find a solid market in the UAE.

Made in Italy The jewelry is widely appreciated around the world with 90% of the national jewelry production exported abroad thanks to its elegant design, craftsmanship and quality. The Italian jewelery sector today is committed to responsible sourcing and seeks to reduce waste and carbon footprint, embracing sustainability, ethics and transparency.

Amedeo Scarpa, Italian Trade Commissioner to the United Arab Emirates, said: “The United Arab Emirates is one of the most important countries for the manufacture of Italian jewellery, and jewelery continues to be the first article by value exported from Italy to this country. Italy is the 3rd largest supplier to the Emirati market, where 90% of jewelry is imported, and demand for Italian precious items has grown steadily, registering a 25% increase in the first half of 2022 (560 million euros ). We are consolidating our market share and are confident of reaching even the record value of 1 billion euros already exported annually to the UAE”

“The Watch and Jewelery Middle East Show is a well-established show that has grown in popularity over the past 50 years and is the premier event for gold and jewelery in the region. Thanks to the strong cooperation between ITA and CNA, Italian companies exhibiting at the fair will not only have the ideal opportunity to develop business and consolidate their relationships, but also to be part of a privileged observatory to understand the latest trends in of style and design. , and to know the preferences of customers in the Middle East.

This year, we’re focusing on sustainability and looking forward to learning about the best green practices being applied around the world throughout the jewelry production supply chain. Our motto is Sustainability is sustainableITALY

Antonio Franceschini, Head of CNA’s International Market and Trade Promotion Office, said: “CNA is strongly committed to supporting Italian craftsmanship and SMEs in international markets. International markets increasingly demand products that combine quality and design. With regard to consumers, from our point of view, we can see a focus on the search for quality products and an attention to the world of craftsmanship, a generalized attention to sustainability issues understood in the broad sense.

A deep narrative must be built around these values, leading the consumer to grasp the internal and economic aspects of these values.

The Italian pavilion at the Middle East Watch and Jewelery Show will highlight the exquisite craftsmanship, quality and unique production and manufacturing processes for which Italian companies are globally recognized.

We are very proud to accompany 47 brands to the 50th edition of the Sharjah exhibition where, thanks to the support of the Italian Commercial Agency, we can offer special hospitality to visitors to the “Italian fair”.

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Italian exhibitors at the Watch & Jewelery Show Sharjah:

  1. Adamas Milano
  2. Aliberti
  3. All Gold
  4. Angeletti 1940
  5. Arché Gioielli
  6. Auri Tempore Gioielli
  7. Bella Gioia Argento Italiano
  8. Beltrami Ori and Preziosi
  9. BL Gioielli Roma
  10. blue white group
  11. Good Gioelli
  12. Birgh Jewelry
  13. Bruno Arissi
  14. Carlo Barberis
  15. THIS
  16. Collaro
  17. Enrico Capra
  18. Fanfani Fabio
  19. Falcinelli Italy
  20. FerrariFirenze
  21. Garavelli 1920 Italy
  22. Gatti Laboratory
  23. Generoso Gioielli 1970
  24. John Ferraris
  25. Hasbani
  26. Italian Vintage Jewelry
  27. Leonori
  28. Luca Carati
  29. Louise Italy
  30. Luvor
  31. Marsio 1859
  32. Maskada Gioielli
  33. Nardelli Gioielli
  34. Noi Gioielli – Leonardo Chilleri
  35. Novecentonovantanove
  36. Gold Trend Italy
  37. Pinomanna Design
  38. Roberto Casarin
  39. Salvatore Collaro
  40. Sicis Jewelry
  41. Sigismund Capriotti
  42. Stanoppi Italy
  43. Tavanti
  44. Tessitor 1888
  45. Vanessa Gielli
  46. Verdi
  47. Zanchi workshop


About the Italian Trade Agency – ITA

The Italian Trade Agency is the government agency that promotes the globalization of Italian companies, under the aegis of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ITA helps to develop, facilitate and promote Italian economic and commercial relations with foreign countries, focusing on the needs of SMEs, their associations and partnerships. ITA supports Italian companies in their internationalization process, promoting the marketing of Italian goods and services as well as the image of “Made in Italy” products in the world, while facilitating Italian investments abroad and encouraging the attraction of FDI in Italy. ITA provides information, support and advisory services to Italian companies in foreign markets, in order to promote exports and economic cooperation in all sectors, with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of their presence in the markets international. ITA works closely with the Italian regions, the network of Italian Chambers of Commerce, professional organizations and other public and private entities. ITA’s headquarters are based in Rome and it works through an extensive network of offices around the world which are recognized as “Trade Promotion Offices” of Italian Embassies or Consulates. https://www.ice.it/en/markets/united-arab-emirates

About CNA

Founded in 1946, the CNA – Italian Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises – has more than 621,000 members who employ more than 1.2 million people. The CNA represents artisans, entrepreneurs, liberal professions, the self-employed and small and micro-enterprises in the tourism, services and industry sectors. The broad reach of craftsmanship in both large cities and small municipalities is reflected in the CNA’s broad presence: more than 8,500 workers at more than 1,100 sites, including 19 regional and 96 local.

A presence that guarantees services, advice and information with credibility and professionalism, fully aware of the active role it plays in the success of small businesses and the development of a segment that continues to create jobs and new businesses. The NAC includes 10 national unions: CNA Food, CNA Artistic and Traditional Professions, CNA Well-being and Health, CNA Communication and Advanced Services, CNA Construction, CNA Federmoda (Fashion), CNA FITA (Transport), CNA Installations and Systems, CNA Production, CNA Community Services. There are 45 subcategories and 5 interest groups: CNA Young Companies, CNA Women’s Companies, CNA Tourism and Commerce, CNA Industry, CNA Film and Audiovisual. There is also CNA Professions, CNA Citizens and CNA Brussels.

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